Can Chess Strategy be Useful for Online Casino Players?

Although chess is a lucrative game linked to enormous cash prizes, you will not find it present in the gaming portfolio of most online casinos. This is not surprising given the fact that chess is not a gambling game although there are plenty of chess casinos that give players the chance to participate in paid chess tournaments and win cash prizes or wager on the outcomes of chess games.

Chess strategy

The above observation makes one wonder if chess strategies can be used at online casinos to increase one’s percentage of winning.

Chess vs. Online Casino Games

Comparing chess with online casino games is a difficult task. This is because chess is a game of strategy while online casino games are based on luck. Slot machine games are based on mathematical formula and all online slots are designed to help the house win in the long run. This means that you will lose more than you win when you play slots. Other luck-based online casino games such as baccarat, roulette, and craps are also the same.

To win at slots, you need a lot of luck. To win at chess, you need a lot of strategy. The two are, therefore, poles apart and you just cannot play them the same way. There is no need for you to use strategies to win an online slots game; you just need to get lucky.

Let us now consider card games such as blackjack and poker. Blackjack is an immensely popular online casino game among strategy lovers. It has a low house edge, which you can further lower by using the proper strategies. But you still need a bit of luck to win at blackjack.

Similarly, poker is also a game of strategy that requires a bit of luck to win. Moreover, there are several variants of online poker to choose from.

We could identify only one similarity between chess and the games of blackjack and poker. Like chess, you can easily learn blackjack and poker, but you need a lifetime to master the games.

Bonus Offers

Bonus offers

One of the biggest online casino strategies is claiming bonus offers. Experts advise you to claim bonus offers and use them to build your casino bankroll. This is almost unheard of in the world of chess. The newest chess casinos, of course, do offer bonus offers and run chess tournaments, but they cannot be compared to the wide range of bonus offers available at online casinos.

Chess vs. Card Games

Similarly, we cannot think of any similarities between chess and card games. A game of chess is played only by two players. Card games require a different number of players, and some of them are played against the house. For example, you play blackjack against the house, but you play poker against opponents.

Chess Inspired Online Casino Games

Casino games

Since chess is a game based on skills and strategies, you cannot imagine it in online casinos. It is impossible to wager on a game that has no randomness involved in it. The only way to play chess online is at dedicated chess sites that run chess games and chess tournaments.

Online casinos, however, have given chess enthusiasts something they may appreciate—chess inspired online casino games. For example, Chess Round is an online video slot developed by BetConstruct. It features a three-dimensional chess board and is based on the rules of chess. But it is not really a game of chess as it is an RNG slot with chess pieces as symbols and special features such as wild symbols and free spins.

Here is the one major reason chess strategy cannot be implemented in online casinos—chess rules are not easy to enforce online.

All chess enthusiasts would love to play real money chess online. But it is very difficult to enforce the rules of the game online. This is because players can easily use third-party software to figure out their moves. Chess casinos may claim to have implemented the best software to prevent such programs from running in the background, but they cannot stop players from running these programs in another device. So you will never know if you are playing against a bot or against a real player.

But there are a few strategies that are common for chess casinos as well as online casinos, as follows:

Play Free Games

You won’t win any real money playing free chess games, but at least you won’t get cheated. This is because those playing chess games are really serious about learning or improving their game. The best option, therefore, is to play chess games for free and gain mastery of the game. It will come in useful when you participate in land-based chess tournaments.

Playing free games is a great strategy even at online casinos. You will not win real money, but you will get a feel of the game and learn its rules for free. Playing for free is a risk-free way to find out whether it is worth wagering real money on the game.

Read Terms & Conditions

Never sign up at a chess casino or an online casino without first reading its terms & conditions. If there are any vague terms or clauses, clarify them with customer support. This will help avoid disappointment in the future.

Manage Your Bankroll

You have to learn effective bankroll management techniques while playing at chess betting sites as well as online casinos. Chess won’t eat up your bankroll as fast as online casino games do, but you still have to be careful when playing.

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